Event Armistice in Cambridge

Renowned as the largest commemorative event in New Zealand, the Armistice in Cambridge marks the Armistice signing anniversary between the German Empire and the allied nations in 1918 which saw the end of World War I. It marks the official memorial ceremony on Remembrance Sunday at the Cambridge Cenotaph. Another recognised event on that day is the background to the Military past and pageantry of New Zealand which falls on the closest Sunday to November 11th. The Military event features old and new militaria display, show of trucks, weapons, uniforms, helicopters, boats, aircraft, models, tanks and every kind of military display.

Highlights of Past Armistice in Cambridge Events


  • Two aircrafts namely; Douglas DC – 3 and P-40N Kittyhawk were among the foremost aviation attractions that came to Armistice in Cambridge. The public were allowed the fun of purchasing ‘bucket list’ rides on the two aircrafts.
  • During the two-day event, the Douglas DC – 3 and P -40N Kittyhawk were lodged at Hamilton Airport
  • The two aircrafts flew fun seekers from the Hamilton airport to Karapiro with Douglas DC -3 charging $80 and P-40N Kittyhawk attracted a flight fee of $2,500
  • Flights were boarded at the Hamilton airport and their pre-booking was done before the event including booking on the event ground
  • Pre-booking was adviced by the aircraft firms so as to avoid a jam-packed two day Armistice event which was held on November 9-10
  • Another major attraction at the event was the sailing in Lake Kapiro’s Mighty River Domain which had a combination of sea, land and air-based attractions 
  • The most colourful part of the 2013 event was display by the IMPERIAL ROMANS NZ where they stole the show with gladiator fights, drill displays and majestic marches. 


  • The event was furnished with sounds of clashing swords, gunfire, loud voices and good music filled the air 
  • The event dragged people from the length and breadth of New Zealand to Lake Kapiro, Cambridge where they had a great weekend experience.
  • The Saturday of the ceremony offered many participants the opportunity to engage in re-enactments which was an activity that depicted battles and conflicts witnessed over the past 100 years.
  • Others came as spectators to witness the feigned battles, get more education on the history and importance of the November 11 remembrance day as the end of the First World War.
  • One significant occurrence that stood out for the 2017 celebration was the vow exchange between two Hamilton couples – Mark Vuletich and Sandra Jensen who got married in a replication of a Hollywood war movie scene
  • Youngsters were not left out as they were ‘enlisted’ in the army and had a mock battle with paper swords and flour bombs 
  • Kids were equally involved as they earned navy badges, corporal stripes and tank badges. They engaged in a range of activities which included throwing of navy lines, archery, fire airsoft guns, trench battles, drive-controlled tanks and model aircraft creation.